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HR Documents and Policies

Please see the 20-21 SY Employee Handbook here.
  1. Employees request leave in ADP (No less than 2 weeks before the requested date). See instructions here.
  2. ADP notifies your Time and Attendance supervisor that you have requested leave.
  3. Supervisor will review request and approve or deny view in ADP.
  4. ADP sends employee an email regarding status of leave (approved/denied) to the employee.  In your Request Time Off calendars the request will now say "Approved or "Denied" and change color.
  5. Employee must communicate to Supervisor any changes (i.e. they do not take time) on or before the date previously requested. 
  1. Employee contacts their supervisor to request leave.
  2. Employee will enter leave in ADP either remotely or upon return to the office. This is entered as a request.
  3. Manger will approve or deny leave.
The Grievance Form can be found here.