Chavez Lower School

Chavez Middle Vision:

We envision our school to be a place where access to a world class education gives you access to the world. At Cesar Chavez Parkside Middle School, we are committed to creating an environment where every child is safe, known and loved. Scholars will utilize multiple modalities to access and engage with curriculum and demonstrate proficiency through authentic intellectual work. By creating a culture of lifelong learning, families, students and staff will develop their talents and consider how they may leverage their strengths to make positive contributions to the local community.

In-Person School Hours

School School day begins School day ends

  M/Tu/Th/F Wednesday M/Tu/Th/F Wednesday
Lower School 8:50 AM 8:50 AM 3:20 PM 1:00 PM

Cesar Chavez PCS follows DCPS school delay/closing decisions. Information regarding school closings
due to snow, excessive heat, etc., as well as other emergency information related to the school, will
be announced on local radio and television stations.

If Cesar Chavez PCS needs to open, close, delay, or close early when DCPS does not, we reserve the
right to do so. Please watch local news channels for Cesar Chavez PCS closings, and keep your
contact information up to date so you receive automated messages.

In the event that the school is closed for more snow and/or emergency closing days than allotted per
each calendar year, a contingency plan will be enacted to restore academic days.

Bell Schedule for Lower School

MTRF 6th/7th Grade MTRF 8th Grade
Time Frame
Breakfast 8:15-8:45 am Breakfast 8:15-8:45 am Breakfast 8:15 - 8:45
Period 1 8:50-9:50 am Period 1 8:50-9:50 am Period 1 8:50 - 10:10
Period 2 9:55-10:55 am Period 2 9:55-10:55 am Period 2 10:15-11:35
Lunch 11:00-11:30 am Lunch 11:00 am-12:00
Period 3 11:40-1:00 pm
Period 3 11:35-12:35 pm Period 3 12:05-12:35 pm    
Period 4 12:40-1:40 pm Period 4 12:40-1:40 pm    
Period 5 1:45-2:45 pm Period 5 1:45-2:45 pm    
Advisory 2:50-3:20 pm Advisory 2:50-3:20 pm    
Middle School Stats
Middle School stats

● SHIRT: Chavez schools Red shirt and/or RED polo shirt (long/short sleeved) and/or sanctioned
school shirts such as: Athletic Program, Grade Level Shirts, and Official Chavez Club shirts
approved by the Lower School Leadership TeamTeam
● PANTS/SKIRT: Pants must be chino or khaki materials. Skirts must be knee-length. No joggers
permitted. Pants must be worn at your waist. NO SAGGING OR UNDERGARMENT SHOWING
● Shirts must be tucked in pants for both male and females.
● SHOES: Closed-toe with no heels crocs, slides, flip flops, Yzy FoamRunners are not permitted
● SWEATER: Solid black sweater/vest with or without Cesar Chavez logo, no hoodies permitted
● BELTS: Solid black or brown belts without decorative belt buckles
● No alterations to the uniform is permitted. (no cut shirts or pants)