College Success

 Pictures of graduates in their red and black caps and gowns.Part of the mission of Cesar Chavez PCS is to prepare students to succeed in competitive colleges.  We achieve this through our College Success Program, which is comprised of college tours (both in and out of state), SAT prep classes, and a college preparation and transition course taken during 12th grade (Senior Seminar). Our efforts have us beating the Washington, DC average for both college enrollment and completion!
At the core of our college success program is academic preparation. Through our rigorous curriculum we work diligently to ensure that our scholars acquire both the content knowledge and the cognitive skills necessary for success in college and in life.
Our school culture is designed to build the attitudes and behaviors necessary for academic success so that our scholars are able to envision themselves as successful college students.
We work with our scholars on how to select the right college, the logistics of applying and financial aid, how to identify resources available, and how to make an effective transition from high school to collegiate life.