College Success

We know graduating from Chavez is the beginning of a new chapter in our scholars’ lives. We support all Chavez alumni with financial and academic counseling to ensure they graduate from college!  Through strategic partnerships, we also assist non-college alumni to ensure they are career focused who become productive citizens.

College Tours 

All Chavez scholars will have the opportunity to visit college campuses throughout their time at Chavez.  We believe that through college tours students gain awareness and perspective on the kind of environment they are looking for in college.  Traveling to college campuses is reported to be one of the largest barriers for low-income students during their college application process. Not at Chavez.  During the 9th grade students will visit local colleges and universities. Sophomores will visit colleges 2-4 hours away.   Finally, during their junior year, scholars will have the opportunity to go on an overnight college tour.  


Students have access to college counseling throughout their entire time at Chavez. Through targeted counseling, students receive access to many scholarships Finally, Chavez provides graduating seniors with over $5,000 in scholarship opportunities.

College Partnerships 

DC College Access Program

DCCAP Alpha Leadership Program

College Success Foundation

Upward Bound

Collegebound Educational Opportunity Center