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If you believe that every student should have the opportunity and resources to pursue higher education,
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To achieve our mission of preparing students to succeed in competitive colleges, Cesar Chavez PCS provide a series of college readiness programs, such as college counseling and college tours, and work closely with our students to help them take advantage of every opportunity possible and achieve their potentials.
All of our college readiness programs are completely FREE to students. These programs help our students envision themselves as colleges students, explore the fields of studies in which they might want to build a career, and have all the resources they need to make important college decisions.
This year, we need YOU to join us in the effort of providing FREE college readiness programs for our students!
Hear from one of our high school seniors, Kierra James, about her journey to pursue her dream college:
What does it take to reach one’s dream? Does hard work really pay off? Making It to Graduation
“I feel as though they see a bright future in us, so they want us to start early. They will make the path for us and they just want us to follow it.”
-- Kierra James, Cesar Chavez PCS Parkside High School, 12th grade
When asked about her college counseling experience, Kierra exclaimed, “I love Ms. Savage! She will make sure that you are on top of things… She wants everybody to be able to go to college and not be in debt when they graduate.”
“With the type of teachers we have here, teachers are willing to take you under their wings even after you graduate.’”
-- Alexys Hewlett, recent grad of Cesar Chavez PCS and sophomore in college