Uniform Policy

In order to improve the school’s educational environment, promote a more effective climate for learning, foster school unity and pride, and allow students to focus solely on learning and not on attire, the school has a dress policy for students that applies to school days and school-sponsored events. Cesar Chavez PCS believes that a person’s dress communicates attitudes and values. Every profession or workplace sets particular expectations for appropriate dress. Attending school and being an active learner is the student’s profession. For this reason, the school will be implementing consistent and strict dress expectations.

All Cesar Chavez PCS students must be in the Cesar Chavez PCS uniform during all school hours unless stated by Cesar Chavez PCS. The Cesar Chavez PCS uniform must be displayed neatly, fitted, cleanly, proudly and without exception at all times throughout the academic year, with the exception of dress down days (which require a pass). All of the uniform pieces must be purchased from the vendor listed below in order to ensure a consistently dressed student body. This policy will be strictly enforced. If you foresee an issue, please notify the school immediately.

Cesar Chavez PCS students who come to school without the completed Cesar Chavez PCS uniform will have their parent/guardian contacted. Students will earn a detention for coming out of uniform and will need to be in uniform before entering class. This can be done by having an item brought to the school or by borrowing an item from the school per each school's policy.

The Cesar Chavez PCS uniform vendor is Risse Brothers. Chavez will be hosting a uniform roadshow at the campus. The Risse Brothers website at https://www.rissebrothers.com/index.cfm or their store location at 9700 Martin Luther King Jr Highway Suite B, Lanham, MD 20706. Risse Brothers can be reached by phone at 301-220-1985.


• SHIRT White Oxford shirt with Cesar Chavez logo (long/short sleeved) or grey Chavez polo
• PANTS/SKIRT Knee-length khaki (TAN) pant or skirt
• SHOES Closed-toed with no heel
• SWEATER Solid black sweater/vest with Cesar Chavez logo
• TIES Chavez ties are optional as daily dress code but may be required at school-designated special events.

Chavez sweaters or sweater vests are the only acceptable outerwear within school buildings. All Cesar Chavez PCS uniform sweaters contain the embroidered "Cesar Chavez PCS" school name and logo. Non "Cesar Chavez PCS" sweatshirts, "hoodies", pullovers, etc. are not acceptable and may not be worn. Chavez hoodies may only be worn on identified dress down days.

All students must wear khaki (tan) slacks. Pants MUST have belt loops, zipper and a button.

The following styles of pants are NOT allowed: drawstring, sweatpants, low-rise pants, excessively tight pants, corduroy, exercise pants/joggers, bell-bottoms, ripped or overly worn pants, cargo pants, pajama pants, jeans, skinny pants, pants with designs in the fabric, pants dragging on the ground, pants worn below the hips, lace or translucent pants.

Pants must extend from the waist to the top of the shoe.  Students are not permitted to wear jeans or other long pants beneath their uniform pants.

Only plain khaki knee length skirts may be worn. These skirts may not have any logos or additional pockets. The material and criteria listed above for pants apply to skirts. Chavez students are not permitted to wear jeans or other long pants beneath their uniform skirts.

Only closed-toed shoes without a heel are acceptable at Cesar Chavez PCS. The following footwear is NOT acceptable: footwear with designs or decorations, sandals, flip-flops, heels, clogs, etc. Students must wear sneakers to gym.

Only plain solid black, white, and brown socks are acceptable. Striped, designed, decorated or brightly colored socks are NOT acceptable at Cesar Chavez PCS. Only black solid leggings and/or tights are allowed under skirts.

Long-Sleeved Undershirts:
Undershirts may be worn with Chavez shirts that are solid black, white, or red without hoods.

Students may wear modest jewelry at Cesar Chavez PCS. Chavez reserves the right to have students remove any jewelry deemed distracting. Large statement necklaces are not allowed. Middle school students may wear no earrings no larger than a quarter.

Hats and Head Coverings:
Hats, durags, bonnets, rollers (of any type), bandanas or other types of decorative headgear are not to be worn at Cesar Chavez PCS. Cesar Chavez PCS recognizes students' rights to wear head coverings for religious reasons.

Coats and Jackets:
Coats and jackets are not to be worn in the Cesar Chavez PCS school building at any time unless entering or exiting the building.

Religious Considerations:
Students may wear head coverings or other garments for religious purposes. In order to obtain school approval, a parent/guardian must contact the school. Exceptions are limited to the following: long traditional shirts may be worn underneath a Cesar Chavez PCS uniform shirt and said shirt must be solid black, white or red.

Additional Uniform Guidelines:

  • The uniform shirt must be tucked into the pants and the pants worn at the waist level.
  • Stained, torn or overly worn uniform shirts are not acceptable.
  • All bottoms, pant or skirt, should fit properly and not sag below the waist.
  • Leggings, black only, are permitted underneath skirts in cold weather.
  • Scholars who arrive at school out of uniform may not attend class until they change into appropriate uniform. Students who are excessively out of uniform may receive further disciplinary action.
  • Dress down days are given as rewards for specific actions by the scholars and will be announced to parents/guardians, in a phone message and posted on the website when assigned.
  • Parents/guardians should not permit scholars to attend school out of uniform, unless you have been informed by the school through one of these methods.
  • Collars must be turned down.

Students Out of Uniform
If student arrives out of uniform, the following steps will occur:

  • Scholar automatically receives detention for that day.
  • Parent notification.
  • School will supply uniform in exchange for cell phone or other item.
  • Student will not be admitted to class until they are in uniform.

Should you have any questions regarding the uniform please contact the campus your student is attending.