Teaching and Learning



At Chavez Schools we believe teaching and learning goes beyond the teacher-pupil relationship. We are committed to creating an environment where teachers and staff have access to all of the necessary supports to be successful.

Below are some of the ways we work each day to accomplish this:

Instructional Coaching

Each school has a team of instructional coaches that work closely with teachers to improve instructional practice to increase student achievement.  Our coaches will regularly lesson plan and co-teach with our teachers to model best practices.

Public Policy Focus

At Chavez our teachers help students learn how to advocate, communicate, think, organize and present ideas to positively impact our world.  We encourage teachers to utilize real world policy questions to get their students to think critically and develop arguments to support their opinions.

Planning & Collaboration

Teaching at Chavez means regularly collaborating with your peers.  Teachers are meeting across grade level and content with their teams on a regular basis.  In addition to the coaching support Chavez also has Curriculum Managers who assist teachers in identifying and implementing curriculum resources.



At Chavez, I know I have a strong support system dedicated to my improvement as a teacher. From my curriculum manager to my superb coach that observes me each week, we are all committed to improving the scholar experience to boost student engagement. I value the strategies that my coaches help me implement, and they value my feedback as we strive to improve the curriculum for next year's scholars. The tremendous growth that I have enjoyed as a teacher is chiefly attributed to my Instructional Coach because she understands the mental and emotional challenges that teachers face in and out of the classroom, and she adeptly coaches me to manage both aspects of the job in order to be a more effective educator.

-Mateo Samper, ELA Teacher, Chavez Prep Middle School