Chavez Schools NOLA Program to Host Global Youth Service Conference

What is the New Orleans and Back (NOLA) program?CARE Flier Final

The goal of the New Orleans and Back program is to encourage students to realize their ability to engage in civic and community-based initiatives. This goal is supported by a structured service-learning program that values and integrates student voice at all stages. Students are at the forefront of the program, leading the fundraising, relief, education, and community-building efforts.

About the NOLA Global Youth Service Conference

The 3-day event beginning on April 15th, 2016, youth from all over Washington, DC will learn about leadership, community, and the importance of giving back. While traditionally all NOLA events for teenagers have been exclusively for Chavez Schools, the NOLA Alumni Interns wanted to extend this year’s conference invitation to youth at different high schools in Washington, DC.

The purpose of this conference is to not only give back to the local community, but to try to unite teenagers through art. In participating in the conference, students will learn about community service, leadership, and helping people realize their full potential and how to use it.

The conference will include a thought-provoking discussion about using art as a tool for communal change led by Max Levi Frieder, who travels around the world and creates conflict resolution murals. Max will then guide the participants in creating a mural that will represent the conversations and rich issues that emerge from their conversations.

The conference will also include a writing workshop led by Abram Himmelstein, from The Neighborhood Story Project in New Orleans, who works with teens to write and publish books about their experiences.

Lastly, NOLA program participants will lead teenagers in creating function art that will go into care packages for children at Children’s Hospital and in the local foster care system. These packages will be delivered to children in the following week.





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