Chavez Employee Spotlight | Chelsea Rink

392382_2206910490345_369806090_nChelsea Rink

Capitol Hill, English Teacher

1. Tell me about a couple projects/initiatives you're excited about so far this school year.

I am excited about our student newspaper, The Capitol Chronicle! While we have been regularly publishing to our website for the past year, our first paper edition gave us more buzz in a day than we've had since our founding last fall! The distribution of our January newspaper edition combined with the Capitol Hill Guilds Fair have allowed us to get the word out about what we're doing in our staff room. I look forward to continuing to build the program. Check out our website at!


2. How does our public policy mission manifest itself in your classroom?

My main priority, even beyond teaching students how to write a thesis statement or how to use context clues to determine the meaning of a vocabulary word, is to help students realize their potential to change themselves and their future. It is the most gratifying thing to watch students become empowered, to carry themselves like young adults, and to make decisions that will positively impact the trajectory of their lives. I believe that this is what creates good policy: good, compassionate people who are invested in improving their community and world.


3. What do you enjoy most about teaching at Chavez?

I enjoy my students above all else. They are incredible human beings. And given the space to learn and grow, they can do incredible things. It's up to us, the Chavez educators and staff members, to provide a space where this can happen.

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